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Fencing  Metairie, LA Fences are some of the most standard features of residential and commercial properties. These installations increase the security and safety of a property and create a neat look in the outdoor space. They also enhance aesthetics and increase the value of your property. As you can see, there are many reasons to install fences, but you need to select the right materials and hire skilled installers for the job.

Customized Fencing Design Ideas

We at Green Country Rooftops and Restoration are a leading company in this industry, providing high-grade fence installation solutions to clients in Louisiana and Oklahoma. We have years of experience behind us and have handled a significant number of fence installation projects.

You can trust us to provide you with the best solutions at the most competitive fence installation costs. We know that a sturdy custom-designed fence demarcates your property’s boundaries and acts as a deterrent to unsavory elements like trespassers and thieves. It's why we focus on creating sturdy features that will also endure exposure to the natural elements well.

Variety of Fencing Materials

Today, there is a wide choice of fencing materials, and we are here to guide your decisions. Our expert fence designers will take the time to survey your property and discuss your requirements. They will make sure that the materials and fence designs and styles they recommend suit the overall aesthetic of your property. The different fencing materials you can choose from include:
  • Wood - Wooden fencing is appealing and durable. Cedar, teak, mahogany, and pinewood are some common wood species used in the construction of residential and commercial fences. These woods can endure changes in climate well and are rot and insect-resistant too. But wood requires regular maintenance such as polishing, painting & sealing.
  • Vinyl - This is a popular fencing material, favored for its strength, range of styles, colors, and durability. Its installation is quick & easy, and you do not have to worry about issues like blistering, rotting, or warping. Vinyl can be a little more expensive than some other fencing options, but its durable and low maintenance.
  • Wrought Iron - This fencing option has a classic look, is durable, elegant, and low maintenance. However, wrought iron tends to be heavy, and its installation is labor-intensive, which ups the cost of the feature overall. Wrought iron is also a more costly material, but when you opt for decorative wrought iron fences, it significantly increases the value add to your property.
Composite and chain link fencing is also popular, and you can select the materials you need based on your preferences and budget.

Professional Fence Repair Services

Since these features are exposed to the outdoor environment, they can deteriorate over time. If you need fence repair services, you can be sure that we will handle the job professionally. Our team can deal with wooden, wrought iron, aluminum, vinyl, and composite fence repairs. We use the best materials and hardware, so the repair work is reliable and your fences last long.

If you want to know more about our fence installation and repair services or book a consultation, get in touch with Green Country Rooftops and Restoration. You can use this contact us form or call directly on 918-946-7937.