Serving Lake Charles Louisiana in the wake of Hurricane Laura


Green Country Rooftops is a leading roofing and restoration contractor serving greater Louisiana and Oklahoma. We provide professional construction and restoration services such as residential roofing and commercial roofing installation and maintenance services, along with superior restoration services of roofing, chimneys, gutters, windows, awnings, decks, fences, framing & siding and concrete work.

We also specialize in transforming existing homes into energy-efficient homes with a series of green and environmentally friendly solutions that can significantly lower your monthly power bills. We also provide hail and storm damage repair services that will restore your damaged property back to its original state, as if nothing ever happened. Call Green Country Rooftops & Restoration for a free estimate on your next project today!

SUSTAINABILITY - Our Projects are Built to last!! Top of the line building materials combined with Professional Installation is our RECIPE FOR SUCCESS. Not cutting corners allows us to provide industry best Warranties when it comes to Workmanship and Materials.
Use Exterior Grade or pressure treated lumber for projects exposed to the elements….. sounds like a simple concept right?! Well believe it or not this is one of many shortcuts untrustworthy Contractors take to increase their bottom line
PRECISION - Green Country Rooftops does it right the first time !! There is no worse feeling than paying for the same job twice.
All it takes is one shingle nail head to fall outside of the nail pattern & not sit flush against the shingle. This leads to the shingle not properly sealing and causes a potential leak hazard with wind driven rain.
AFFORDABILITY - Here at Green Country Rooftops & Restoration we ALWAYS offer deductible assistance is some form or fashion. In addition, the Contractor discount we receive when purchasing building materials is always passed onto our Customers!
GCRT’s work crews and employees are considered family and we want them to prosper. We maintain competitive pricing and this ensures our workforce stays busy all year long.
WORKMANSHIP - Referrals are the life blood of our Business!! Happy Customers and word of mouth eliminate our need for incurring outrageous advertising expenses that frequently get passed onto susceptible Homeowners. We take pride in the satisfaction of a job well done.
Our Mission is to increase your home’s property value and set you apart from the rest of neighborhood with beautiful curb appeal.
FUNCTIONALITY - Don’t be fooled by exaggerated upcharges other companies try to sell you…. It’s only a ploy designed so they can profit extra bucks. Whether a new roof or remodel, Green Country will provide a sensible and cost effective solution that suits your needs...
We don’t make a killing but we earn a living!! All of our projects and installations are designed to withstand the harsh elements of mother nature and remain maintenance free for years to come.

Cities We Service in Louisiana: